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DEITY DQC1 - Smart Batteriladdare

  • 719 kr
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Artikelnummer: DQC1

• 45W Max Charging
• USB-C Input and Output
• Supports All USB Power Supply Standards
• On-Board Charging LED Meter

The DQC-1 Smart Battery Charger comes packed with features that set it apart from other smart battery chargers on the market.

Powerful Charger and Adapter

It has a 45-watt USB-C Input for charging the connected battery, and it can also be used as a USB-C output of up to 45 watts too, making it powerful enough to run a laptop. The charging module is housed inside a metal chassis, making it durable and long-lasting. It also features a 4 LED charging meter, allowing you to monitor the progress of your battery's charge.


Perhaps one of the most impressive features of the DQC-1 Smart Battery Charger is its affordability. It is currently the most affordable smart battery charger on the market, making it an excellent choice for those on a budget or wanting to add a spare charger to their kit.


The DQC-1 Smart Battery Charger is super compact and portable. It is currently the world's smallest smart battery charger. It can easily be packed in a bag and taken on location, ensuring that your batteries are always charged and ready to go. The DQC1 is a must have piece of kit for documentary and reality TV mixers.