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Radius 2x Mini Urchin Lav windshield, Black (Pair) passar DPA 4060 Puffskydd

  • 399 kr
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Artikelnummer: URC-00681

Mini Urchin Lav windshield, Black (Pair)

The Mini Lav Urchin windshields are made to use with lavalier mics, placed on the outside of clothing, using a clip or other fixture. These Mini Urchins are small in profile (Approx. 35mm in size).

The Urchin fur covers are sized to firmly fit over mics like the SANKEN COS-11, DPA 4060 and DPA 6060. They have a unique blue band which holds them firmly into place, eliminating the risk of your lav sliding off.

This product includes: 2 x Mini Lav Urchins


How to use:

1. Locate the blue safety strap. 

2. Push mic through saftey strap.

3. Push mic into lav windshield.