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Hollyland Lark Max Duo including 2x Lav Mic

  • 2 649 kr
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Artikelnummer: 2254

Discover the Hollyland Lark Max, the ultimate flagship wireless microphone that delivers unparalleled studio-quality audio. With professional ENC, it guarantees pristine sound. With 14-hour on-board storage recording, it doubles as a standalone audio recorder. Enjoy an impressive 820ft (250m) line-of-sight range and a remarkable 22-hour long duration. Compatible with a wide range of devices and featuring magnetic attachment for convenience. Elevate your audio game with the Lark Max!

Key Features: 

  1.  Studio-Quality Audio

  2.  Professional ENC

  3. 14-Hour Recording

  4. 820ft (250m) LOS Range

  5. 22-Hour Long Duration

  6. Wide Device Compatibility

  7. Magnetic Attachment