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SWIT PB-M146S 146Wh Pocket Mini High load Battery

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Artikelnummer: PB-M146S

PB-S series camera batteries are compact designed, shorter than normal V/Gold mount batteries, and match perfectly with most of the Cine-cameras.

  • Square shape design for Cine-cameras
  • 146Wh, 10.1Ah larger capacity
  • At least 200W, 16A constant high load
  • 2× D-tap output sockets (120W/10A in total)
  • 1× USB 5V/2A power output sockets 
  • OLED display accurate remaining run time
  • Display power info in both SONY & RED
  • Multiple circuit protections

146Wh /10.1Ah Capacity
Consists of 12pcs of high class 18650 battery cells, nominal voltage is 14.4V and reaches 146Wh / 10.1Ah high capacity. Can run approx 5 hours for normal 30W cameras.

High Load for Cine Cameras
At least 200W / 16A load
PB-S146S provides at least 200W/16A high load even at 1% capacity, to drive high power Cine cam- eras and on-camera devices together. The high load cells will also ensure battery life comparing to normal load batteries if long time full load output. Over current protection: 18A.

2× D-tap, 1× USB
PB-S146S provides 2x D-tap output sockets with 10A/120W load, and 1x USB 5V/2A socket, to power other on-camera devices together.

OLED display accurate remaining run time
The build-in OLED can displays remaining power percentage, remaining working time,  and battery cycle times, and support viewfinder info display on both SONY and RED cameras.

Battery Protection Display
When any over load, over charging, short circuit, high/low temperature detected, the battery will protect itself and display protection information. You can take steps to re-active battery, to ensure the best battery condition and prolong battery life.

Battery plate: V-mount
Nominal voltage: 14.4V
Capacity: 146Wh, 10.1Ah
Max output:
In total: 200W
Electrodes: 200W,16A
USB:10W, 5V/2A
D-tap: 120W / 10A
Dimension: 121×95×59mm
Charging Temperature: 0-40°C
Discharging Temperature: -20°C-50°C
(Capacity and Max Load may decrease when operating below 0°)
Net weight: 0.878kg
Max charging current: 5A
D-TAP socket number: 2
USB socket number: 1

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