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Core SWX 7.2V NP-F970 L-Series Lithium-Ion Battery Pack (2-Pack)

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Artikelnummer: NANO-F2


The NANO-F battery pack is a 47Wh battery in a compact form factor. It is compatible with most cameras, monitor, lights and other devices which utilize the L-series battery standard. Featuring a robust 4-cell design, the NANO-F is ½” slimmer than most comparable 47wh L-series battery pack and can handle up to a 7A load, powering even the most demanding equipment. A 4-stage LED gauge allows you to know how much charge capacity is left in the pack by pressing the button. It can be charged on most L-series style chargers.

Key Features 7.2 VDC, 6300mAh Li-Ion Battery PackFor L-Series Camera, Light, or Accessory7A Maximum Load, 45Wh Capacity4-LED Power GaugeThe 7.2V NP-F970 L-Series Lithium-Ion Battery Pack from Core SWX is designed for use with L-series cameras, lights, monitors, and other gear. 

The compact battery features a 45Wh, 6300mAh capacity, 7.2 VDC output, and it supports a maximum 7A load. Incorporated into the battery is a push button to enable the 4-LED power gauge.

Capacity: 47wh(7.2v, 6300mAh)
Operational Voltage: 6v-8.4v
Size: 2.78” x 1.52” x 1.73”
Weight: approx. 0.5lbs.
Max Draw: 7A