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CORE Helix360max, 14.4v/28.8v, 367wh V-mount battery pack, LCD and w/ ptap and USB, , 20A Max Load

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Artikelnummer: HLX-360MXV

Batteri Helix360max, 14.4v/28.8v, 367wh V-mount battery pack, LCD and w/ ptap and USB, , 20A Max Load

Helix Max is a game-changing on-board battery system that revolutionizes the cinematic industry with its cutting-edge power capabilities. With a focus on powering cinematic camera and lighting equipment, Helix Max is the most complete battery system ever offered to the industry, featuring a Native Dual Voltage, 14v/28v output, providing better designed and performing on-board high voltage solutions.

The Native Dual Voltage™ platform not only enables Helix Max packs to be compatible with both 14v equipment and high voltage cinematic camera equipment and lighting but also offers the unique advantage of being able to utilize both the PTAP and USB auxiliary outputs, regardless of the battery pack’s voltage standard. This exceptional flexibility ensures that the Helix Max can seamlessly power a wide range of devices and accessories, making it the most versatile power solution for cinematic equipment and lighting.
Whether you choose a V-mount, G-mount, or B-mount, the Helix Max with Native Dual Voltage technology can output up to 33.6v, well within the top range of high voltage acceptance. This results in reduced current draw, minimized heat generation, and extended operational runtime for your equipment, guaranteeing uninterrupted, efficient performance.
With this platform, the Helix Max can deliver up to 12A peak on high voltage devices and 24A peak on low voltage devices, achieving a remarkable 100% efficient power transmission. Since there is no power regulation on the battery mains, your equipment operates optimally, whether you’re shooting on location or in the studio. Helix Max’s Native Dual Voltage technology ensures that you have the power you need to get the job done with maximum efficiency and performance, while also providing the versatility to connect to various devices via PTAP and USB aux outputs.

The Helix Max 275 and 360 are equipped with a 3-phase backlit runtime LCD, strategically mounted on the side of the pack, providing the camera operator or grip unparalleled information on battery life and charge status. This advanced LCD is designed to display estimated runtime when the pack is not in use and actual calculated runtime when it is in use by sampling the load every 3 seconds. When placed on a charger, the LCD rotates 90 degrees to display the remaining charge time until the battery is fully charged. Additionally, the LCD displays a bar graph, runtime in hours and minutes, and remaining percentage capacity, allowing filmmakers and lighting professionals to make informed decisions about their power management strategy.

Additionally, Helix Max battery packs are able to communicate remaining runtime to the camera’s display. By transmitting the same information displayed on the runtime LCD to the camera, operators can view important data such as voltage, battery runtime, and percentage directly on their camera. This feature not only saves time by eliminating the need to check the battery’s status manually, but it also ensures that camera operators always have the most up-to-date information about the battery’s performance. With this level of communication, professionals can work with greater efficiency and accuracy, knowing they have a reliable power source to support their creative vision.

To further view remaining battery status, the packs also come equipped with a wrap-around battery status LED gauge within its rugged polycarbonate housing. This advanced feature allows cinematographers and other industry professionals to view battery status from anywhere on set. The LED gauge provides a clear visual indication of remaining battery life, remaining lit during charge and discharge. A button on the side of the pack can illuminate the LEDs to display charge status when not in use. This allows for quick and easy monitoring of battery status, giving professionals the peace of mind that they need to focus on their work without worrying about power issues. Additionally, the wrap-around design of the LED gauge ensures that it can be easily viewed from any angle, making it an indispensable tool for any professional in the cinema industry.
With this level of detailed information, you can work confidently and seamlessly, knowing exactly how much power you have left at any given time.

Lastly, the next-generation polycarbonate housing that provides unparalleled protection from the rigors of cinema production. This new housing design is built to withstand the demands of the toughest filming environments while also being lightweight and portable. The polycarbonate material is incredibly durable, and it provides shock absorption that can help protect the battery cells from damage during transport or when the battery is in use on set. This advanced housing design is also incredibly heat-resistant, which is critical when working with high-powered cinematic lighting and equipment that generates significant heat. The combination of lightweight, durable, and heat-resistant materials makes the Helix Max battery line an ideal choice for filmmakers and lighting professionals who demand the highest level of performance and protection from their power solutions.
Helix Max can cover all of your high voltage and low voltage powering needs, making it the go-to power solution for all cinematographers and filmmakers. So, if you are looking for an ultra-efficient, dual voltage platform that guarantees lossless power transmission and optimal performance, Helix Max is the perfect choice for you.

Thanks to Core’s Sub60 Charge technology, the GT8 charger can rapidly charge your batteries, allowing you to use the same packs multiple times throughout the day, or “same-day cycle™,” without worrying about long wait times for recharging. This feature is perfect for traveling professionals who face challenges in traveling with lithium-ion battery packs. With the GT8 charger, you can travel with fewer packs while maintaining the confidence that you can cycle the packs faster for your cinema and lighting production needs. Additionally, Core’s Native Dual Voltage™ platform used in Helix Max, sets the battery packs apart in the market, as they can be safely charged on both 14v chargers and the high voltage GT8 charger, making them the only packs offering this versatility.


Capacity: 367wh
Operational Voltage: Native Dual Voltage, DC 11v-16.8v/DC 22v-33.6v
Size: 3.5″ x 6.3″x 3.6″
Weight: 3.6lbs.
Load: continuous 20A @ 16.8v and 10A @ 33.6v