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AVENGER Butterfly Ram 244x244cm 8x8ft

  • 8 299 kr
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Artikelnummer: H800M

H800M Svart 244x244cm

Overhead Stands

  • Tube-slots and pin-lock design for easy set up and take down
  • Works w/ overhead Butterfly Textiles up to 244 x 244 cm/8 x 8'
  • Made with HD 3 mm square section tubes providing a stable frame
  • Type 2 Ears included for secure mounting to overhead stands
  • Modular design provides for easy set-up, take down and transport

The Avenger H800M Modular overhead butterfly frame complete with mounting ears is a frame that is 8x8 ft/244x244 cm designed to work with various diffusion, reflecting and light shaping textiles. Heavy duty 3mm square section tubes slot and pin-lock together providing a stable frame. Ears come standard with the frame to fit all types of overhead stands (Mombo Combos), grip heads and lollipops (D400). 
The modular build provides extra flexibility by simply reducing or adding square tubes to create a butterfly frame that is perfect for the desired light control. 
Extra tubes are available separately and allow you to build up to 20x20 ft/610x610 cm if desired. Pick your perfect textile and you are able to control light in all situations. 
Recommended Accessories: H6BAG, D400, A3058CS, A3059CS, 087WBK, A5036CS, A5042CS, A1045CS, A1045B, G200-1