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AVENGER Double Scrim 60x90cm 24x36"

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Artikelnummer: I750D


The Avenger I750D is a Black Double Scrim open end frame which is 24x36 in/60x90 cm in size. Made with a steel spring tube combined with unique fabrics, scrims and flags are light, strong and can cut or soften light with great effects. To achieve the ideal positioning performance of scrims and flags, the built-in 3/8 in/10 mm mounting pin easily attaches to Avenger's grip heads and arms. 
All textiles are also sold separately as spares in case your originals become damaged. This double net scrim allows for 1.5 stops of light loss and has a red outer frame material for easy identification when in studio, on truck or set-up on a stand. High temperature resistance webbing lets you use this flag with all types of lights including HMI's, LED's and Fluorescent lighting. 
All Avenger flags, floppies and cutters are made using a strong webbing all around the frame to protect the edges from wear and the frames are a black powder coated mild steel.