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Nestor LUNA

  • 8 900 kr
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Artikelnummer: 7

The Luna is a spotlight that directly links up with our makeup mirrors. It provides a flexible lighting system that can be tailored to the specific needs of hair and makeup teams.

Its big plus is that it’s powered and directly controlled by the makeup mirror, without any additional power supply. So the Luna’s light intensity can adjust from 0 to 100% and its temperature from 2700 to 6100° K. The connection sits at the back of the mirror using an XLR connector.

The Luna can be attached directly to the top of the mirror with a swivel ball joint or can also be installed on a stand to be positioned at the back of the head for specific work on hair. Whether you’re doing hair or makeup, this accessory will improve your working convenience by limiting shadow on your work area.

Easy to install, the Luna comes with a 6m power cable and a stand that can extend up to 2m. Thanks to its thinness, the Luna can fit inside a makeup mirror!