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Focus Rat, T-markers 4st

  • 499 kr
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Artikelnummer: SIL-MARK-4

Just as the film industry has evolved, we have evolved our T markers to be made out of light and durable Eco-friendly silicone. At Focus Rat, we are constantly trying to make the life of Focus Pullers and Camera Assistants easier, so this bundle has included color-coded sticky focus marker triangles. Long gone are the days when you had to waste precious time tearing up gaffer tape while carrying steel-filled T markers that were heavy as a rock. Each set includes 4pcs T Markers and 400pcs of individual Focus Marker stickers (100pcs/color) that can be re-used around 3 to 5 Times! You can also purchase the Focus Markers separately, so no need to worry if your favorite color runs out. T markers are used in the Film Industry for blocking and focus pulling. Usually placed on the ground in order to guide the actors and make the job of the Camera Operator and Focus Puller (First Assistant Camera or 1st AC) effortless and give them the necessary confidence. on any film set. After placing the Silicone Markers on the ground, place the color-coded stickers on the hand unit of your Follow Focus (Wireless or old-school) and nail the focus all the time, every time! It can be used with virtually any unit from the Arri Hi-5, WCU4, FF-4, FF-5, Preston FIZ to the more budget-friendly options such as the Tilta Nucleus, DJI follow focus system. Only at Focus Rat! Available in 8 gorgeous colors, these light and easy-to-clean markers are the 1st AC’s best friend no matter the size of the production! Industry-standard markers for every occasion, from film sets, comedy sketches, theater, and any type of content creation.