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Filmsticks Gripsticks Laminate Resin Sticks, i gråskala

  • 899 kr
I lager
Lagersaldo: 2
Artikelnummer: FCSM-4130/GS

Gripsticks is a new Patented Hexatite Technology design, enabling you to secure your acrylic board slate into the sticks in seconds. It comes in standard Colour Bars and Grey Scale laminate design, however we can also refer bespoke designs to 4130 limited, our collaborator and partner for these clapper sticks, making this a fully customisable choice of clapper stick.

The system utilises 1.5mm Hex grub screws with nylon tipped ends for a tighter and more secure hold. Finger-Tight controlled turning of the grub screws ensures a firm hold and releasing the slate is just as simple through unscrewing. Small 1.5mm Hex key supplied with all Gripsticks.


Technical Specifications:

  • Small - L 190mm (7.48") x H 44mm (1.732") x D 20mm (0.787") 202g (0.2 Kg, 0.45 lbs)
  • Medium -  L 280mm (11.024") x H 44mm (1.732") x D 20mm (0.787”) 291g (0.291 Kg, 0.64 lbs)