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CORE 98wh, 14.8v, 6600mah HDV Battery w/ 4 LED Gauge with PTap and 45w USB-C PD Nano M series For Select Sony Camcorders, BPU replacement

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Artikelnummer: NANO-U98X

Batteri BPU batteri BP-U 98wh, 14.8v, 6600mah HDV Battery w/ 4 LED Gauge with PTap and 45w USB-C PD Nano M series For Select Sony Camcorders, BPU replacement

The Nano-U98X 14.8V Battery from Core is the ultimate power solution designed for Sony Camcorder users seeking enhanced power capabilities. Engineered to deliver unwavering reliability to your equipment, it boasts an array of impressive features. Its P-Tap and USB-C PD outputs enable simultaneous power for production accessories, making it an essential companion for professional videographers.
Key Features:
• 45-Watt USB-C Power Delivery (USBCPD): Unlike traditional USB ports, the Nano-U98X is equipped with a high-powered USB-C port that delivers a substantial 45 watts of power. This means faster charging for a wide range of modern devices, making it ideal for today’s tech-savvy users. The port can be used to charge laptops, mobile devices and even recharge itself through the port.
• P-Tap Port: The Nano-U98 seamlessly integrates a unregulated(11-16.8v) D-Tap port, a feature commonly reserved for large V/G-mount batteries. This intelligent D-Tap port transcends the ordinary, boasting SMBUS battery data transmission capabilities. This means your accessories not only draw power but also communicate with the battery, optimizing performance and efficiency like never before.
• User-Friendly Design: The Nano-U98 features a user-friendly design with a simple push-button interface and a four-LED power gauge. This allows you to easily check the battery’s charge status and make informed decisions during your shoots.
• High Capacity: With a substantial 98Wh capacity and 6600mAh battery pack, the Nano-U98 provides ample power for extended shooting sessions, reducing the need for frequent recharges.
• Compatibility: It’s designed to work seamlessly with OEM battery chargers, ensuring a hassle-free integration into your existing equipment setup.
In summary, the Core SWX Nano-U98x battery combines advanced technology with practical features to provide a reliable and efficient power solution for your professional gear. Whether you’re on a photo shoot or video production, this battery is designed to keep you powered up and ready to go.


Capacity: 98wh (14.8v, 6600mah)
Operational Voltage: DC 11v-16.8v
USB-C PD Output: DC 5v/9v/15v/20v, 45w
Size: 3.85” x 2.6” x 1.65”
Weight: 0.9lbs