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SWIT PC-U130B2 D-Tap Ultra Portable charger

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Artikelnummer: PC-U130B2

  • Charge battery through D-tap socket
  • Provide 2 D-tap heads
  • 3A fast charging current
  • LED charging indicator

Ultra portable D-tap Charger
The PC-U130B2 consists of an AC-DC power module and a dual heads D-tap DC cable to connect with the D-tap socket of batteries. The charger offers DC 14-16.8V, 3A fast charging, charge 2 batteries 1 by 1.

LED charging indicator
The PC-U130B2 has an LED charging indicator. It’s red during charging, and turn to green when charging finished.

Power: 50.4W
Input: AC100V-240V 50/60Hz
Output: DC 14V-16.8V, 3A
Applicable battery: Batteries with D-tap socket
Dimensions: 110×50×32mm
Net weight: 0.26kg