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Focus Rat, Sausage & T markers NEON

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Artikelnummer: Neon-Cls-8

Sausage & T markers used in the FILM INDUSTRY for blocking and focus pulling。 Usually placed on the ground in order to guide the ACTORS and make the job of the CAMERA OPERATOR and 1st AC (First Assistant Camera) easier。 Handmade, available in four gorgeous NEON colors。 Only at Focus Rat! Industry-standard handcrafted markers for every occasion, from film sets, comedy sketches, theatre, and any type of content creation。 Specifications: 8 mm Stainless steel eyelets for easy storage and handling。 Made out of durable TP 670 tarpaulin material used in the automotive industry。 ISO 3795 standard resistant to more than 2000N/5cm。 Filled with S280 Chrome & Steel Balls 1mm in diameter。 Industrial grade colored thread。 Weighing the industry standard 350g。 30cm*5cm*2cm。