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FILMSTICKS Lens Cleaning Tissue Booklet för linstvätt och rengöring

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Artikelnummer: FLENSTISSUE50

Filmsticks Lens Cleaning Tissue 

Recently I was introduced to a new lens tissue by our valued partners @ FILMSTICKS. Here at Pancro we are always looking for innovative products that pair well with our Pro Lens Cleaner. We are discerning when it comes to cleaning of lenses, filters, Screens, and other optics. We wanted to test the product to see how it performs so we can give a review to the AC and production community.

Filmsticks graciously sent me samples and we independently tested them here in our Pancro lab. In retrospect, I really like this product as it cleans very well, has zero lint,(which is essential), and comes in a booklet that would fit well in an AC kit or a back pocket. We observed that it works very well with our lens cleaner as it has an ideal absorption rate that works co-efficiently with our solution and its fast drying/zero streaking properties. I've tested/tried many brands with varied levels of interest but prefer Fimsticks tissue because less solution needs to be applied and ideal cleaning is achieved quicker. I'm sure your customers will appreciate this as well! We recommend it. Especially in tandem with our Pro Lens cleaner. A perfect cleaning can be achieved using these products together on set or at home.

Filmsticks lens tissue isn't a Pancro product but I want to recommend it and would encourage members in our industry to try it for themselves. The bottom works well!